Future of Structured Finance is Digital

Digital issuance integrated with automated administration is here, with all stakeholders connected on a blockchain network.

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Future of Structured Finance

Integrated and Automated for Transaction
Efficiency and Asset Transparency

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Our Platforms

Intain’s Intelligent Blockchains allow us to bring trust, transparency, and efficiency to traditional as well as digital assets.

Integrated and automated administration of structured finance across parties

For trust, transparency and efficiency in structured credit markets

One Version of Truth

Based on a zero- reconciliation system; with all stakeholder roles configured on a permissioned blockchain accessing the same source data

Automated & Seamless

Use of Al for supporting due diligence; smart contracts for structuring tranches, payment waterfalls, and automated reporting based on real-time data

Traceability & Transparency

Immutable audit-trail and a real-time view into the underlying asset based on role definitions; lowers compliance costs including new ESMA (Europe) regulations

Speed and Efficiency

Through INTAINMARKETS, option of digital issuance where the end-to-end transaction is digital and executed in real-time. Subsequent administration is automated with INTAINADMIN

Featured Partners and Clients

UMB Bank

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What's new?

Our Co-founder and COO, Sanjay Nishank, received the award on behalf of Intain

Thanks to #G7CR and #EntrepreneurIndia, along with #Microsoft for recognising the innovative work being done by India at the STAB ISV SUCCESS AWARD 2023

Powering Business with Blockchain: Avalanche & Intain

Coming up on the next Powering Business with Blockchain, Intain joins to talk about IntainMARKETS, a new tokenized marketplace for asset-backed securities, being built on Avalanche.

The live webinar will focus on IntainMARKETS, and how leveraging the power and scalability of Avalanche will help Intain facilitate efficient, cost-effective and transparent asset issuance in the trillion dollar structured finance market.

14 Mar 2023

SFA Vegas 2023

Join the Intain team for a scheduled demo at our booth or set-up a convenient time through the conference app.

14 Feb 2023

SFA Vegas 2023 - Digitilization of Markets

At #SFVegas2023 Intain CEO Siddhartha S would join a panel with leading financial institutions and technology companies to discuss the changes and challenges with respect to the digital future of structured finance.

10 Feb 2023

SFA Vegas 2023: 101 Blockchain

Blockchain has an important role in the digitalization of markets, but it is only a part of the whole tech stack. At #SFVegas2023 Intain’s VP Growth Eric Mitzel how blockchain is reaching mainstream adoption in Structured Finance.

10 Feb 2023

Blockchain Real Estate Summit 2022

Our CEO Siddharth joins Avalanche AVAX President, John Wu for a fireside chat at the Blockchain Real Estate Summit to talk about future of MBS and how it is being built on blockchain.

23 Sept 2022

SFA Vegas 2022

Siddhartha S, Eric Mitzel and Guillaume Fillebeen would love to catch up with you at Structured Finance Association Vegas conference to discuss the digital future of structured finance. Swing by our booth #127 at the Exhibit Hall or connect with us on the conference app.

July 17 - 20, 2022

ABS East 2021

Intain CEO Siddhartha S joins a panel of industry experts to discuss Technology Trends in Securitization at #SFAVegas2022(July 19, 2pm) As the industry moves from digital technologies of 90s (excel for data, emails for workflow and data sharing and PDFs for reporting) to workflow automation, blockchain and AI, an end-to-end digital transaction in structured finance is well within reach.

July 19, 2022

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What is New?

AI Enabled Document Review and Archival on Blockchain (for Verification Agents)

Load Tape Standardization – Facilitates Paying Agent and Loan Data Agent Roles on One Platform


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