Tokenization is only Part of the Solution

The growth of tokens and digital securities has highlighted the liquidity benefits of digital assets on a blockchain. This also democratizes investment opportunities. However, current token platforms do not provide investors with a view into the value on the underlying asset.


Intain Adds Trust to Digital Assets

Intain's platform provides a token-specific 'NAV', giving token holders the ability to track their tokenised assets in real-time. With Intain, investors have a holistic insight into the underlying asset, facilitating better valuations and better market efficiency.


Investor Insights

Investment Bankers and Investors get real-time view into the underlying asset as well as analytics based on the asset pool.


Workflow automation

Structuring tranches, payment waterfalls, and automated report generation is made seamless.


Document Management

Intain uses an AI engine to digitize and extract relevant content from documents, Asset documents, collateral, servicer agreement and security contracts - our software can read these documents and onboard any relevant data to the Intain platform.


Audit and Compliance

Stakeholders roles are all configured on a permissioned, zero reconciliation system. Each step of a transaction is immutable and auditable.

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