Management Team

Siddhartha S

Founder & CEO

Siddhartha has held executive leadership and board positions in Financial Services operations and technology

Sanjay Nishank

Co-founder & COO

Sanjay has led enterprise implementation and software product development programs in mortgage/retail banks, investment banks

Guillaume Fillebeen

VP, Products

Structured finance industry veteran with stint at Moody’s; manages deal modeling for Intain

Steve Odesser

SVP Growth

Structured finance industry veteran with experience across origination, structuring and execution

Arun Gandhi

VP, Operations

Trustee and paying agent operations across MBS, ABS, CDO and CLO transactions

Board and Advisors

Hugh Simon

Investor and Advisor, Intain and CEO, Hamon Investment Group

Hugh established Hamon Investment Group in 1989. and has focused Hamon’s fund management efforts on increasing

Dave Shuler

Director, Intain and Co-Founder Y2X

David is the co-founder of Y2X that specializes in regulated token issuances and innovative capital raising mechanisms. David previously served

Manmeet Singh

Director, Intain; Founder, Blockseed Ventures

Manmeet has been an entrepreneur throughout his career. He established M&M Corporation in 2005 to provide China focused Strategy

B Ravishankar

Director Intain, Senior Advisor

Having worked across the industry over 35 years, from founding a company (Lister Technologies), to heading HR for Deutsche

Gary Miller

Advisor; Formerly President Intain, Inc.

Setup Intain in the US as its President; Structured Finance industry veteran with stings at Banc One Capital (JP Morgan) and Credit Agricole

Paul Mangione

Strategic Advisor
Principal at Fort Schuyler Advisors, concentrating on structured credit, consumer and residential whole loans and valuation; background in portfolio management with public investment companies, private funds and broker/dealers


News & Events

SFA Vegas 2023

Join the Intain team for a scheduled demo at our booth or set-up a convenient time through the conference app.

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August 29, 2022

INTAINMARKETS — Digital Marketplace for Structured Finance

Intain’s digital marketplace for structured finance will bring transparency, efficiency and trust to asset backed financing by building upon the success... News

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March 13, 2023

Powering Business with Blockchain: Avalanche & Intain

Coming up on the next Powering Business with Blockchain, Intain joins to talk about IntainMARKETS, a new tokenized marketplace for asset-backed securities, being built on Avalanche. The live webinar will focus on IntainMARKETS, and how leveraging the power and scalability of Avalanche will help Intain facilitate efficient, cost-effective and transparent asset issuance in the trillion dollar structured …

Powering Business with Blockchain: Avalanche & Intain Read More »

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SFA Vegas 2023

SFA Vegas 2023

Join the Intain team for a scheduled demo at our booth or set-up a convenient time through the conference app.

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We understand the impact – benefits and risk – of technology in financial services. Our employees work in an environment that blends a research lab and a start-up

We are committed to diversity in Fintech and more than 50% of our current employees are women

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