Intain Fintech to launch software product in India

Intain Fintech to launch blockchain product

Intain Fintech, an AI and block chain-based software products firm, will be launching eMulya, an intelligent block chain that facilitates efficient, secure and trustworthy asset securitisation transactions for NBFCs in India by end-2019. “We tested out this platform successfully for a portfolio of two-wheeler loans in India before formally launching it in the U.S. at Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG) conference in February 2019,” said Siddhartha S., founder and CEO, Intain. “If this product was launched in 2007-08, it would have prevented NBFC crisis,” he claimed.

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What is New?

AI Enabled Document Review and Archival on Blockchain (for Verification Agents)

Load Tape Standardization – Facilitates Paying Agent and Loan Data Agent Roles on One Platform


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