INTAINMARKETS — Digital Marketplace for Structured Finance

Intain’s digital marketplace for structured finance will bring transparency, efficiency and trust to asset backed financing by building upon the success of INTAINADMIN, with tokenized issuances on blockchain.


In structured finance, multiple parties work off their own systems thus creating siloed ‘truths’ across lender, issuer, servicer, rating agency, trustee and the investor. As these parties reconcile data through excels over emails, structured finance transactions become inefficient, non-transparent and error-prone.

This multi-trillion-dollar industry, with spending in the tens of billions of dollars on intermediation and transaction expenses per year make deals below $100M unviable.


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What is New?

AI Enabled Document Review and Archival on Blockchain (for Verification Agents)

Load Tape Standardization – Facilitates Paying Agent and Loan Data Agent Roles on One Platform


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