Intain’s ‘boring blockchain’ plumbing opens door to mass adoption

“If you look at the lending industry, anything that is in vogue in tech gets adopted in lending, from AI underwriting, 20-second loans, digitization, etc. But the moment that loan enters the capital market cycle, it just starts moving on Excel sheets and emails,” …“So it’s almost like the windward and leeward sides of technology: all tech is at the front end in lending, and there is absolutely nothing in the backend.”

Intain CEO Siddhartha sat down for a chat with Kevin Travers at LendIt Fintech about how Intain is focused on the building the plumbing for structured finance, a ‘boring blockchain’ use case..

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AI Enabled Document Review and Archival on Blockchain (for Verification Agents)

Load Tape Standardization – Facilitates Paying Agent and Loan Data Agent Roles on One Platform


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