Structured Finance Today

Multiple systems, siloed data and layered costs make transactions inefficient, expensive and opaque


Structured Finance with Intain

Intain enables efficient, and transparent and transparent administration and servicing


One Version of Truth

Asset Data Validation enabled by AI

Our AI engine enables us to provide comprehensive due dilligence to our clients. By analysing contract data, Intain's engine can reconcile and authenticate asset data.


Granular, Customizable, and Comprehensive Insights

Realtime Insights into the Portfolio

In addition to providing real-time, asset level data, Intain enables investors to have a complete view into their asset pools. Using an AI-enabled Data Visualization tool, investors can get customized reports and comprehensive insight into their portfolio.



Smart Contracts for All Deal Structures

To streamline the deal process for ABS, MBS, and Warehouse Lending, Intain's smart contracts automate the establishment and maintenance of deals structures, removing the need for time-consuming data reconciliation and calculations for monthly statements.

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